Dinghy Storage

Island Dreams Guardianage Check Reports
February 2, 2021

Whilst your boat is stored for the season in the boatyard, your dinghy needs a home ideally away from dust, damaging UV damp and potential wind damage in the event of a storm.  Most Caribbean cruisers have ribs which are too bulky to store down below, and a storage plan is needed.

Cleaned and upside down on the foredeck or trampoline is an option, covered by a tarpaulin.

For a catamaran, under the boat is an option – again covered with a tarpaulin for dust protection.

If hanging in davits, it should be strapped so it doesn’t swing and covered to protect from UV.  An overall cover should have some means of enabling the water to drain into the unplugged dinghy or over the side.   If you don’t have dinghy chaps, maybe this is the time to have them made – we recommend Turbulence and Tropical Sails & Canvas.  It would be worth checking that your insurance policy will cover a dinghy stored in this manner, as it may be considered additional unnecessary windage by the yard or the insurer.

The gold standard option is storage inside for both outboard and dinghy.  At Clarkes Court Boatyard, contact Sea Safety Service who offer this service.

Finally, you will not be doing your outboard any favours by using the remains of this season’s fuel to begin next season.  Sell it, give it or use it before you leave and start with fresh fuel next season.

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