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October 28, 2020
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May 27, 2021

For Island Dreams’ guardianage clients with boats in the marina or the boatyard, a Guardianage Check Report is emailed following each check.  Typically, our checks can include:

  • Chafe on canvas covers
  • Ensure cockpit drains clear
  • Water ingress into deck or cockpit lockers
  • Battery voltages (and percentage charge)
  • Hatch or port leaks
  • Water in bilge
  • Evidence of insects
  • Mildew
  • Shore power connection in place

However, the details of the boat checks are fully customisable and discussed with the owner or captain at contract setup.  At each check, we take a photo of the boat overall, and any points of note such as water in the bilge or areas showing mildew growth. You can also let us know at any time if there are specific items you would like photos of.

Primary concerns for stored boats are battery maintenance and interior condition. Battery maintenance will depend on the charging systems on board and the type of batteries you have. We spend time before you leave understanding how this will best be managed and you are kept up to date with the voltage readings from each check. We agree in advance measures to be taken if battery voltage drops below satisfactory levels. We have battery chargers we can connect if you have batteries which are not charged via the systems in use on board – as can be the case with windlass or bow thruster batteries.

In terms of controlling mildew, electric dehumidifiers or DampRid or similar products can be used if the boat is being stored for some months. We recommend enabling air flow within the boat by leaving doors and lockers open, and vacuum bags are excellent for storing clothes, linens and pillows. We are happy to advise on how your boat should be decommissioned and left for storage – especially important if you will be away for some time.

Canvas covers can be left up to protect teak and GRP, and will be taken down by us if required. If you have a full deck cover, this will provide additional protection, or we can fit tarpaulins.

For boats stored in the water at a marina, chafe on mooring lines and placement of fenders is checked, and chafe gear fitted or renewed if required. We can run systems if required such as engine, generator and air conditioning, and check on items such as fridge temperature and watermaker auto-flush operation.

Contact us at for a sample check report and more information on our guardianage services and rates.

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