Island Dreams & Covid-19 – Current Situation 1st April 2020

Grenada – Shopping and Provisioning
November 7, 2019
Grenada, Island Dreams & Covid-19 – 13th April 2020
April 13, 2020

Due to the Corvid-19 pandemic, Grenada has closed its borders by sea and air.  On Wednesday 25th March a Limited State of Emergency was declared to enable activities to be regulated, and currently we have a 24 hour curfew with all non-essential activities and movement prohibited.

Our Port Louis and Clarkes Court offices are closed and administration functions are being run by Mark, Tracy and Anita from home.  All Island Dreams staff and families are healthy and at their homes.  We can check boats and do anything necessary for the security and safety of vessels and their systems.  Check reports are being emailed as usual.   Work lists are on hold and work will recommence once we can work legally and safely.  Communications are fine and feel free to contact us.

Grenada is very quiet, and we all hope that this period of heavy restriction will limit the spread from the 9 cases we have and enable a controlled level of increased activity.  The costs of stopping work for a period are being balanced against the devastating effect widespread illness would have here.  The situation feels calm and we have no reason to be concerned about security.  We are in daily contact with Port Louis Marina and Clarkes Court Boatyard Management.  We do not know how long this situation will last – we will post another update in a few days.

Thank you for all your kind words and wishes at a time when everyone has their own challenges.  The rapidly unfolding events have made us realize how much we enjoy Island Dreams, our staff, the work we do, the Grenada yachting community, our local community and our clients.  We look forward to returning to all that.

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