Storing your yacht in the boatyard – 10 Tips from Island Dreams

Summer Storage in Grenada
April 2, 2014
Keeping your boat in the water over the summer
April 25, 2014

Yacht ready to launch

How you leave your boat in the boatyard at the end of this season can make a big difference to what you return to next season.

1. Decommission your engine and generator
To remove all traces of salt water, once hauled change the oil, fresh water flush, disconnect exhaust elbow and seal up inlet. Ask the yard about doing this for you.

2. Fuel polishing
Probably the most common cause of unexpected engine problems we see are caused by dirty and contaminated fuel. Solid particles accumulate at the bottom of the tank and just when you need it most, the engine fails.

3. Flush your outboard
Fresh water flush and run the carburettor dry. Give your unused dinghy fuel away – it will not be good for use next season.

4. Remove soda cans
If anyone leaves soda cans on board over the summer, it is a mistake they only make once. They have a tendency to explode leaving an especially sticky mess.

5. Fresh water washing and drying
Deck & cockpit cushions, danbuoys and anything you are stowing inside should be fresh water washed and thoroughly dried before stowing. Salt water will encourage mildew and mould. If you run out of time – we can do this for you.

6. Leave the interior as clean as you can – especially heads and cabins
This is not easy if you are staying on board and Island Dreams can clean the interior for you once you have left, or…

7. Spend your last night(s) off the boat
For Spice Island Marine – Cool Runnings Apartments and True Blue Bay Resort are convenient options. For Grenada Marine – La Sagesse is nearby.

8. Guardianage
Having the boat checked regularly will reassure that your batteries are charged as you expect, the boat interior is in good condition and you have not sprung any unexpected rainwater leaks around ports, hatches or deck fittings. Contact Island Dreams for our usual check list, and if there is something else you would specifically like us to include on each check or just as a one-off, let us know.

9. Storage
Consider removing and storing items which might:
• suffer in the heat (computers)
• suffer in the sun (dinghies)
• reduce air flow around the boat (sails)
Contact Island Dreams for information on how and where to store items off the boat.

10. De-humidify
We have not found electric dehumidifiers necessary for most boats stored in Grenada. Starbrite DampRid or similar products work well – and collect a surprising amount of moisture. We find we need to replace the refills at least every month in the most humid period between August and November.

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