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September 19, 2014
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May 4, 2015

Photo credit: Judith Jarvis

As a Grenada-based yacht management company we often see clients leave to explore elsewhere.  We also often see them come back to re-discover Grenada and the Grenadines.  So, what’s new if you have been away for a couple of years?

Two great options for Grenada grown produce

Valu Garden at Excel Plaza still has the best value local fruit and vegetables, as well as refrigerated, frozen and store cupboard items … and it has now doubled in size.  Open on a Sunday morning, with very friendly and helpful staff, it is the only shop I leave wondering how I spent so little on so much, rather than the other way round.

Farmers Market every Wednesday morning, past Spiceland Mall in the Youth Centre car park.  Usually advertised on Grenada Cruisers, Coming Events and Advertising Facebook page

Dinghy Concerts

The first dinghy concert was organised by Dieter of Le Phare Bleu in January 2011.  They are now a regular occurrence featuring local and overseas musical talent – see dinghyconcert.com.  The next dinghy concert is on 15th March – it is number 25.

Island Dreams Office

Our CN Port Louis Marina office has moved.  We are now by the dinghy dock, adjacent to the Marina Office.  No longer lime green, we are mango yellow!


Grenada now has SailClear, so you can complete Customs and Immigration arrival formalities with minimal form-filling.  Register your boat and crew beforehand on sailclear.com.  Enter your intended arrival date, time and port of entry and the Customs and Immigration Officers will print out the completed clearance form ready for you to sign.  As more Caribbean countries implement SailClear, the process of moving from one territory to another will become easier, so time spent registering your boat in the system will reap benefits in the future.  And it’s free.

110 volt 60Hz electricity

American boats needing 60Hz electricity to comfortably run their electrical systems on shore power can now do so – head for Camper & Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina.  Make sure you inform the marina of your electrical requirements when you book

Clarkes Court Boatyard and Marina

Clarkes Court Bay Marina is under new ownership and management and is becoming a boatyard.  Construction is under way and we expect Grenada to be able to haul larger boats once the yard is operational.  See their page on Facebook for plenty of photos.

Hashing every week

Hashing has become so popular it is a weekly activity.  A great way to meet Grenadians, students, cruisers, expats…. and lots of them.  See grenadahash.com or the Grenada Hash House Harriers Facebook page.

photo credit: Judith Jarvis

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