Keeping your boat in the water over the summer

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April 11, 2014
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July 23, 2014

Many people opt to leave their yachts in the water in Grenada for the summer.  What are the considerations?

1.  Summer sailing

The primary reason for owners opting to keep their yacht in the water is so they can use it over the summer.  Especially if school holidays are a consideration, it can be a lovely time to sail the Grenadines – quieter anchorages and lighter winds.

2.  Keeping systems running

Boat systems benefit from being used, and in-water storage enables systems such as refrigeration, generators and air conditioning to be run regularly.

3.  Insurance

It is important to check with your insurer regarding in-water coverage for hurricane season.  They may want to know about the hurricane plan for the marina, and what your arrangements are for caretaking and …

4.  Guardianage

For boats in the water, we suggest weekly checking of the boat for water ingress (salt or fresh), battery condition, chafe on lines and canvas, mildew etc

5.  Maintenance

Bottom cleaning and painting and other standard out of water maintenance can generally be completed in a 5 day haul.  Start your sailing season with a haul-out, or Island Dreams can do it for you with photos and updates to keep you informed.

6.  Cost

Marinas usually offer substantially reduced rates for an annual contract.

7.  Varnishing

This is best done in a clean dust-free environment so may be better to schedule for when the boat is in the water.

8.  Biminis, covers and sails

Protect deck and GRP by leaving canvas up, with an agreement for the guardianage company or caretaker to remove it should bad weather be forecast.  Sails should be removed for bad weather – not only do they risk being damaged, but they increase the windage making the boat itself more vulnerable.

9.  Check underwater

Have the bottom lightly cleaned and checked periodically to ensure that the prop can turn and the boat be driven in an emergency, and that the anodes are not in need of replacement.

10.  For further information, contact Island Dreams.


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