Summer Storage in Grenada

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January 23, 2014
Storing your yacht in the boatyard – 10 Tips from Island Dreams
April 11, 2014

Some points to remember when leaving your boat for an extended period…

  1. Check your plans with your insurance company before you book your spot in the marina or boatyard.
  2. We would of course recommend guardianage, but ask around – both other yacht owners and local marine businesses – about reputation and reliability of individuals and companies.
  3. Large storage bags which are zippable, and those from which you suck out the air to create a vacuum are excellent where you are storing clothes and linens on board for more than 6 months. Tumble drier sheets folded within the clothing or linens help to keep them smelling fresh.
  4. Consider staying ashore for the last night – especially if you have an early flight. This way you can leave the head totally clean, remove bedlinen for laundering, defrost the fridge and still have a cold drink and relax for your last night in Grenada. Alternatively, ask Island Dreams to do these things and relax on board instead.
  5. Do not leave anything salty or dirty inside as this will cause mildew – foul weather gear, salty shoes, cockpit cushions should be well washed with fresh water and dried before being stowed.
  6. Leave lockers and drawers open to encourage air flow.
  7. Cover windows, pull curtains. The sun will beat down on the same areas of upholstery and woodwork so you need to avoid the risk of fading.
  8. We have not found de-humidifiers to be needed in Grenada, but we do use the pots of dehumidifier silica crystals. In humid months, we usually need to change the crystals every 2 to 4 weeks and they draw in a significant amount of moisture.
  9. Do not leave perishable food on board – crackers, flour & cereals will probably go bad, and encourage insects.
  10. Plan any work to be done at the start of the season. If you have work to be done whilst you are away, organise as much as you can to be done before September. Deciding in November that you need a new bimini will probably result in you having to wait till next year as demand outstrips supply for most yacht specialists from October to January in Grenada.

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